AO VET Master Course - Management of Equine Craniomandibular Fractures

Teilnehmerkreis: Tierärzt:innen

Zeitraum: 08.06.2022 08:00 - 09.06.2022 - 17:15



Felix Theiss
Vetsuisse Faculty University of Zurich Equine Department, Zürich, Switzerland

Anton Fürst
Vetsuisse Faculty University of Zurich Equine Department, Zürich, Switzerland


Regional faculty
Christophorus Lischer 
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität Berlin, Equine Clinic, Berlin, Germany

National faculty
Michelle Jackson  
Vetsuisse Faculty University of Zurich, Equine Department, Zürich
Micaël Klopfenstein 
Vetsuisse Faculty University of Bern, ISME Bern und Avenches, Bern
Jan Kümmerle 
Vetsuisse Faculty University of Zurich, Equine Department, Zürich
Karl Nuss  
Vetsuisse-Faculty, University of Zurich, Department for Farm Animals, Zürich
Corsin Heim 
Vetsuisse Faculty University of Zurich, Equine Department, Zürich


Target participants
Participants must have a good working knowledge of aseptic surgery as familiarity with basic surgical instrumentation, and their use will be assumed. Comprehension of basic fracture management procedures, such as lag screw technique and application principles of DCPs, are advantageous. Working knowledge of LCP technology is an asset. Those participants actively involved in fracture management procedures profit the most from this course, especially in problem-oriented discussions. 

As this course builds on the procedures discussed and practiced during the Basic Principles and Advanced Techniques of Fracture Management in Horses, participants of the present Course who have successfully participated at least in a Basic Principles Course and preferably in the Advanced Techniques Course profit the most. As this course is also open to veterinarians specializing in dental surgery, no prerequisites for Equine AO VET Courses are set. It is expected that dental specialists review and study the distant learning materials sent out after registration has occurred and before arriving in Zurich.


Language: English

Teilnahmegebühr: 1400 Fr.

Course fee

AO VET Members:  1260,00 CHF
Non Members: 1400,00 CHF

Tagungsort: University Zurich, Tierspital, Equine Department, Winterthurerstr. 260, 8057, Zurich, Switzerland,

Programm 08.06.2022 08:00 - 09.06.2022 - 17:15

Course participants will increase their proficiency and learn more about new developments in equine surgery.
Well-known experts (in equine orthopedics and traumatology) will share their experience in craniomandibular fracture management through lectures, discussions, and hands-on on specimens in laboratory sessions.

Learning objectives

After this course, the participants will be able to 

  • Describe the different types of implants and their use in fracture fixation of the equine skull
  • Explain the concept of a tension band in the treatment of fractures of the incisive bone of the maxilla and the mandibula 
  • Perform fracture fixation of the equine skull with a bone plate or an external fixator and/or cerclage wire 
  • Select the most appropriate treatment strategy for different types of skull fractures and plan fracture fixation
  • Manage infected fractures

Participant Relations & General Requests
If you have any questions about registration and/or local logistics, please contact Global Event Services Phone +41 79 813 43 55,

Teilnehmerbegrenzung: 24 Personen