Certified Veterinary Balance Method

Teilnehmerkreis: Tierärzt:innen, vet.-med. Studierende

Zeitraum: 10.01.2022 08:00 - 15.10.2022 - 18:00

Dr. Antonio A. Alfaro (DVM, MSc., CVA, CS+ELBMP, MSTCVM), N.N.

You will find Session 2&4 under "Präsenzveranstaltungen". You must start at session one (online) and continue along in order. You can start the first session later, but it is recommended to do so the latest 6-8 weeks before the first onsite session starts. Everyone that has achieved basic knowledge (at least one session completed) in TCVM from any accredited course (ATF, Chi, IVAS etc.) can attend this course. You will learn how to achieve very quick results treating localized symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling or burning sensations or internal medicine with balancing meridians or body regions with only very few needles. More informations under https://chiu.edu/courses/cvbma-eu-en

Teilnahmegebühr: 0 €
Session 1 (online) 750,00 €, Session 2 (onsite) 1000,00 €, Session 3 (online) 750,00 €, Session 4 (onsite) 1000,00 €, Certification fee (optional) 350,00 €)

Programm 10.01.2022 08:00 - 12.06.2022 - 18:00

Introduction to Balance Method I - IV 4h
Breaking Down Yin Yang 1h
From WuJi to TaiJi in Balance Method 1h
The Six Levels 1h
Drawing Ba Gua 1h
Drawing Fu Xi and Wen Wang 1h
Developing the 6 Systems 1h
The Holographic Concept Mirror and Image 1h
System 1 1h
Developing System 1 1h
Creating System 2 1h
Finishing System 2 1h
Developing System 3 1h
Conclusion of System 3 1h
Developing of System 4 1h
System 5 and 6 1h
Drawing the Matrix of 6 Systems 1h
Cases Using the Matrix I & II 2h
Case Discussions with Matrix 1h
Canine Acupoints Demo for Balance Method 3h
Equine Acupoints Demo for Balance Method 3h
The 5 Command Points 2h
Diagnosis by Acupuncture Ways 1h
Diagnosis Final 1h
Scalp Acupuncture 1h

Programm 16.06.2022 08:00 - 15.10.2022 - 18:00

Introduction & Review 2h
Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture 1h
Tail Acupuncture 1h
Clinical Cases Using Balance Method 1h
Introduction to Global Balance I & II 2h
Skin Conditions 1h
Taiyin/Yangming Pattern 1h
Approaching the Five Sense Organs 1h
Ear Issues and Five Senses 1h
Nose and Mouth Issues 1h
Abdominal Issues 1h
Digestive Disorders 1h
8 + 1 Exceptional points for Digestive Disorders 1h
Jueyin/Yangming Pattern 1h
Side Issues 1h
Hormonal and Reproductive Disorders 1h
Balancing Back or Posterior Issues 2h
Summary for Frontal, Sides and Back Issues 1h
The 12 Exceptional Points & Development 2h
Small Animal 12 Exceptional Points and Combinations 1h
Small Animal Case Discussions 1h
The Use of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians 1h
Seasonal Balance Method 1h
Hexagrams and Seasonal Balance 1h
Choosing the Correct Hexagram for a Given Time 1h
How to Choose Points According to Seasonal Balance 1h
Seasonal Balance Examples 1h
Conclusion of Seasonal Balance 1h
Introduction to Balance Method Use of the 5 Elements 1h
The Use of the 5 Elements Balance Method in Excess or Deficiency 1h
Balance Method Use of the 5 Elements Final 1h


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Phone: +49 157 82649731

Teilnehmerbegrenzung: 10-25 Personen

Homepage: chiu.edu/courses/cvbma-eu-en

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