AO VET Masters Course—Advanced Stabilization Techniques for the Management of Small Animal Spinal Disorders

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Zeitraum: 27.05.2024 08:15 - 29.05.2024 - 17:15


Chairperson: Bianca Hettlich, Germany

Co-Chairperson: Sharon Kerwin, US

Faculty Regional

  • Björn Meij, Netherlands
  • Colin Driver, UK
  • Christina  Precht, Switzerland
  • Svetoslav Hristov, Bulgaria


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To receive the pre-negotiated rate, please mention "AOVET" upon reservation. For reservations, you may contact the hotel staff: Christian Blanco Tel: 0221/ 54 99 997 Jenny van Koten Tel: 0221/ 54 99 999

Teilnahmegebühr: 2300 €

Tagungsort: CADLAB Cologne, Nattermannallee 1, 50829, Köln, Germany,

Programm 27.05.2024 08:15 - 29.05.2024 - 17:15

The AO VET Advanced Stabilization Techniques for the Management of Small Animal Spinal Disorders course is designed to help participants apply the AO Principles of anatomic reduction, stable fixation, atraumatic surgical technique and early, pain-free mobilization to small animal spinal surgery. This three-day course will be taught by faculty experienced in spine surgery, with additional emphasis on imaging led by a radiologist. The modular course format will focus on the spine patient in a conceptual case study and practical laboratory exercises on canine cadavers and bone models. Topics covered are canine cervical and lumbosacral degenerative disease, atlantoaxial disease, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar trauma, and stabilization of all spinal levels. Surgical methods include pins and screws, plates, and pedicle screw rod fixation.



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