Why should you care about posture in horses with Karen Gellman (USA) and How can ECVM horses be diagnosed and managed with Katharina Ros (Ger)

Teilnehmerkreis: Tierärzt:innen, vet.-med. Studierende

Zeitraum: 28.04.2023 13:30 - 30.04.2023 - 13:00


Dr. Karen Gellman, DVM, Phd, Educational and research Director for postural Rehabilitation

• Dr. Gellman teaches internationally about sports medicine, biomechanics, Postural Rehabilitation, and therapeutic options to veterinarians and other animal therapists. She gives lectures and demonstrations on these topics to riders, horse and human therapists. Current projects include the relation of equine dental malocclusions to alterations in weight-bearing patterns during stance, structure and function of the muscles of mastication, and postural implications in the initiation of osteoporosis.

Dr. Katharina Ros

• Dr. Ros works as a practical vet. Her focus is on equine rideability, performance and occlusal rehabilitation. She teaches internationally about stomatognatic system, ECVM and craniomandibular dysfunction in horses to veterinarians and other animal therapists. She gives lectures and demonstrations on these topics to riders, horse and human therapists.


Here are the fundamental principals of Postural Rehabilitation:

The body is a complex system, guided by interactions between its component parts.

One critical emergent property of the complex musculoskeletal system is posture, which integrates all the parts, and is a prerequisite for locomotion.

Posture is generated by an interaction between gravity, passive structural elements and the muscular reflexes of the nervous system’s postural control centers. The postural control center is informed by nerve receptors from various parts of the body.

Domestic animals are prone to structural changes in the body regions that are heavily innervated to give postural information to the brain: the feet, the teeth and the upper neck. These changes alter the quality of their interaction with gravity and lead them to adopt compensatory postures, which cause pain, dysfunction and injury.

If you restore correct postural inputs, neutral posture will result, allowing the animal to heal, from injury. Most musculoskeletal problems veterinarians treat in horses have their roots in chronic abnormal posture.

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Tagungsort: Landgestüt Schwaiganger, Schwaiganger 1, 82441, Ohlstadt, Germany,

Programm 28.04.2023 13:30 - 30.04.2023 - 13:00

Friday, 28.04.2023

13:30 Registration und welcome coffee/Tea

14:00 Living with Gravity: Posture and Complexity

15:30 Break

16:00 Living with Gravity: Why Do Domestic Animals Have Postural Problems?

17:00 Normal Neutral Posture and Abnormal Compensatory Posture

17:45 Short break to stretch

18:00 Biomechanics of Spinal Support (finish by 6:30 PM)

Saturday, 029.4.2023

08:30 Muscle-tendon biomechanics, mobilizers and stabilizers of the equine cervical region

09:30 Current Thinking in Postural Control

10:30 Break

11:00 Postural Influences of the Upper Cervical Region

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Postural Influences of the Stomatognathic System

15:00 Postural Evaluation in Horses— live lab

16:30 What could go wrong? Have you heard of ECVM? (definitions, pathology, imaging) (finish 6 - 6:30)

Sunday, 30.04.2023

08:30 MHPR study on posture & occlusion, tying in nuchal ligament study for C-T junction rotation

09:30 Occlusal management for ECVM horses— demo 10:30 Break

11:00 Management adaptations for ECVM horses


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